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I'm Krystell and I am so excited to share this amazing product with you.

I have always cared about my skin, my appearance and my overall well being, but paid particular attention to my legs. We are who we are , we are all different and appearance isn't everything BUT let’s be honest looking good makes you feel good and we all deserve to feel our best... all the time.

Having tried so many different creams and scrubs I wanted something different, something that gave me a immediate feeling that the treatment was working , and an obvious visual once the treatment was done that didn’t cost the earth to buy.

After 14 months of testing and trials , I am so excited to say I have finally nailed it. There are many different creams and scrubs available all claiming to do certain things, BUT this is the first "leg mask" to do what it does. 

Let’s get this straight we don’t claim to eliminate cellulite but we do a damn good job of trying. Whilst the mask experience is unique for body care treatment of the legs, the reality is that "its all in the ingredients".... We have the 11 secret herbs and spices of Body Care treatment!

Our motto is "We love your legs...they deserve to be 11/10!"

Legs eLLeven has arrived and the perfect way to help make this happen.


Krystell x